IPS and Principal Co-founder, Chief Sonny Colunga, has served at almost every level of law enforcement and forensic investigation over his 30+ year career. His hands on service and coordination of security related events make him an ideal candidate to lead a security force to protect your most valuable assets. What Sonny brings to the table, that most other security companies don’t, is his experience with National Forensic credentials and experience. Sonny was trusted by the US Government to handle sensitive government secrets and solve difficult national security issues both in the United States and abroad. Chief Colunga can also be a valuable partner in confidential investigations where complex internal challenges must be resolved. The US Government trusted Chief Colunga to perform polygraph examinations and interview’s throughout the Middle East to resolve high level issues and trusted Chief Colunga’s advice in many of these matters while he was contracted by the Justice Department and stationed at the US Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. Whether it is a matter of simple crowd control or protection of valuable corporate assets , Chief Colunga has capably handled and resolved as an officer, front line supervisor, mid-manager and final decision making commander almost all of the core services anticipated.